A special last Spring Bird Walk of the 2018 season!

This coming Saturday, June 16, we welcome field guide author and illustrator Patrick Lynch who will co-lead a special last Spring Bird Walk of the 2018 season at Hammonasset with Jerry.

  • No need to pre-register, just show up at the shop at 7:45am, carpool to the park at 8.
  • Return at 10:30 and enjoy light refreshments.

Patrick J. Lynch, is a former senior digital officer in Yale University’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications and an award-winning author, designer, illustrator, and photographer. Pat’s new field guide (Yale University Press, March 2017) A Field Guide to Long Island Sound is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to learn more about this important waterway. Easy to read, wonderful illustrations! The book is in the shop, now.

We here in CT have close ties to Long Island Sound, as it forms the frame of our southern border. It’s a large estuary that provides recreation, supports a myriad of wildlife, is a waterway for commerce, affects our weather patterns, and so much more. In easily several hundred trips to the shore, we here in the shop have asked ourselves how much do we really know about its natural history? Visually we see distinctive rock formations, tidal marshes, sandy beaches and deciduous forests, but what are we really looking at? Come along and find out. Pat is a wealth of knowledge!

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