A Birder’s Guide to the Texas Coast


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Author: Mel Cooksey and Ron Weeks
Illustrator: Shawneen Finnegan, Narca Moore-Craig, Terry O'Nele, Gail Diane Yovanovich, Mimi Hoppe Wolf
ISBN: 9781878788477
Publisher: American Birding Association
Year of Publication: 2006
334 pages

A guide to the best bird watching locations on the coast of Texas, a birder’s mecca!

A Birder’s Guide to the Texas Coast published by ABA is a valuable resource for anyone planning a visit.

One of the world’s premier birding destinations, the Texas coast is home to an amazing number of migrating and wintering birds, as well as many “specialty” resident and nesting species. The habitat diversity ranges from the Pineywoods to the Gulf prairies, from the coastal wetlands to the South Texas subtropics. The spring migration of neo-tropical birds along the boast is one of North America’s most remarkable birding spectacles. And the region is host to some the nation’s largest congregations of herons, egrets, rails, shorebirds, gulls, and terns at any season.The long-awaited revision by Mel Cooksey and Ron Weeks, will be an indispensable as your field guide.

There are Species Accounts for over 170 Texas specialties, and more than 70 new sites, for a total of over 200 birding stops, as well as bar-graphs for 388 regularly occurring Texas Coast species.

  • Fifth edition
  • maps
  • black and white illustrations
  • photos

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