Absolute Squirrel Resistant Hanging Feeder


The Absolute Squirrel Resistant Hanging Feeder is another heavy duty work horse of a feeder that is still a top seller!

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The Absolute Squirrel Resistant Hanging Feeder features an adjustable counterweight that is designed to close the access ports to the seed when a squirrel or large, heavy bird tries to eat. This also prevents wasted seed!

This rugged, all-metal squirrel-proof feeder has two counter balance perches adjustable to three positions to allow light, medium or heavy birds on the perch. Larger birds or squirrels close access to seed. Top locks down securely preventing squirrel access and when a squirrel steps onto the perch, a metal shield immediately covers the seed.

Features windows above the feeding station, so you can watch when it needs to be refilled. These clear, polycarbonate windows can’t be damaged by squirrels. The sloped seed hopper directs all seed to the feeding ports on both sides of the feeder.

This sturdy metal feeder provides feeding on both sides, and comes with a heavy duty metal hanger.

Holding up to 12 lbs. of birds favorite mixed seed, sunflower seeds, peanut halves or safflower, this large capacity feeder requires less frequent filling.

Simply unlatch the squirrel resistant roof and lift for easy filling and cleaning. The overhanging roof and hopper keeps the seed dry and protected from the elements and the all- steel body ensures it will withstand all types of weather and unwanted critters in your backyard for many seasons.

The Absolute Squirrel Resistant Hanging Feeder attracts a very wide variety of birds – ground feeders such as Cardinals, Bluejays and Mourning Doves, as well as perching birds like Chickadees, Titmice, Goldfinch, Nuthatches and more.

  • Holds 2.5 gallons or 12 lbs. of seed
  • Weight-adjustable to help control unwanted birds
  • Cardinal-friendly
  • Chew-proof
  • Forest green color
  • Comes with sturdy metal hanger
  • May come to you without a decorative box
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 14.5″ x 9″

Additional information

Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14.5 × 9 in