Birds of Brazil MP3 CD Sound Collection


This Birds of Brazil MP3-CD Sound Collection is version 1.0. It contains over 1,000 recordings.


Publisher: Peter Boesman,

This Birds of Brazil MP3 CD Sound Collection is version 1.0, recorded by Peter Boesman.

  • 1000 bird species of Brazil
  • 1047 stereo recordings
  • 10 hours of bird sounds-
  • Uses +- 300 MB on an MP3-player
  • Comes with a handy 20 page booklet with a manual on how to use it
  • A complete species list and information on date and locality for every recording
  • Easy to add to your portable MP3 player
  • A great learning tool for your upcoming trip!

Over the last 10+ years author Peter Boesman has visited Brazil several times to study birds, in a variety of places spread over the country. During these trips he recorded vocalizations of many birds. He came up with the idea to make available a set of Brazilian bird sounds by choosing some of the recordings out of his personal collection (over 15,000) and adding some more recordings made by others. This set of recordings fills a gap and provides researchers and birders with a reliable and handy tool that will help them in identifying birds in the field.

When preparing for a bird trip to Brazil, the selection of bird sounds can be a labor intensive and time-consuming task. Peter Boesman has done this work for the birdwatcher visiting Brazil.
The sounds for this production were carefully selected, checked and integrated by him.

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