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Birds of Peru MP3 CD Sound Collection


Birds of Peru MP3 Sound Collection by Peter Boesman is one of the most comprehensive recordings available of this bird-rich country. A great study tool!


Publisher: Peter Boesman,

Birds of Peru MP3 CD Sound Collection by Peter Boesman is one of the most comprehensive recordings available. Included:

  • English name
  • Scientific name
  • Date and time of recording
  • Locality name with coordinates
  • Name of recordist

A major gap is filled
Peru is one of the countries with the highest diversity of birds on earth. With this Sound Collection, Peru finally has a major publication illustrating the vocalizations of the local avifauna.
The aim of this work is to cover as many bird species as possible occurring in this bird-rich country. It includes most of the vocalizations commonly heard while exploring Peruvian nature, with a strong focus on the ‘Peruvian land birds’.

A landmark production
Most of the recordings have been taken in Peru itself, but to increase the overall scope, an important number comes from other neo-tropical countries. The author used his database of over 20.000 recordings from the Neotropics. While this formed an excellent basis to start from, it is thanks to the many contributions of other sound recordists that this could be achieved!

The best of MP3
Typically, several sound files per species are included, e.g. to illustrate different types of vocalizations, to illustrate some degree of geographical variation or to document vocalizations from different corners of a bird’s distribution.

Additional information

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