Birdwatching in New Hampshire


Where to go birdwatching in New Hampshire? This book offers a wealth of info for your next trip.


Author: Eric A. Masterson
ISBN: 9781584659860
Publisher: University Press of New England
Year of Publication: 2013
232 pages, 106 color illus.

A guide to birding in the Granite State, Birdwatching in New Hampshire is a great tool for planning your next excursion there.

Designed to appeal to expert and backyard birdwatchers alike, this comprehensive guide reveals where, when, and how to watch and enjoy birds in New Hampshire. It not only offers the latest information about the seasonal status and distribution of birds in New Hampshire but also features a thorough introduction to the art and practice of birdwatching, including equipment, ethics, migration, conservation, and most of all, finding that “good bird”

The heart of the book is the detailed descriptions and maps that outline more than 120 birding sites across the state, from the Connecticut River Valley to Jeffreys Ledge and Cashes Ledge far off the coast.

Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of the habits and habitats of New Hampshire birds, the author has divided the state into six regions, each with a rich diversity of birdwatching destinations. The guide also features informative accounts of the more than 300 bird species regularly seen in the Granite State, including their preferred habitats and graphs illustrating when each is most likely to be encountered. In addition, Masterson also provides a useful guide to rare and accidental bird sightings.

The essential guide to birdwatching in New Hampshire for beginners and accomplished regional birders.

  • paperback
  • 232 pages

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