Droll Yankee X1 Seed Saver Bird Feeder


The Droll Yankee X1 Seed Saver Bird Feeder is a great feeder to place meal worms in for your Bluebirds, but may also be used year ‘round with a variety of seeds for your favorite birds.


The Droll Yankee X1 Seed Saver Bird Feeder is one of our favorite feeders to offer mealworms for Bluebirds. The deep dish saves dropped food and the 10″ diameter protective dome is height-adjustable to invite all birds or to keep larger birds out.

Use it to offer mealworms to your Bluebirds in Spring, or sunflower seed to your favorite small birds year ’round.

Holds a generous ¾ pound of bird seed. As a seed feeder this attracts a wide variety of birds including Titmice, Chickadees, Carolina Wrens, Goldfinch and more.

  • Feeder tray unscrews for easy cleaning
  • May be hung by the brass rod or pole mounted
  • 10″ diameter dome
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Height with center brass post: 12″
  • UV stabilized so it won’t turn yellow with age
  • Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in