National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America, 7th edition


National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America, seventh edition is the essential reference for field identification and the cornerstone of any birder’s library. Author Jon Dunne is a leading expert on the identification and distribution of North American birds.


Author: Jon L. Dunn and Jonathan Alderfer
Illustrator: Jonathan Alderfer
ISBN: 978-1426218354
Publisher: National Geographic
Year of Publication: 2017
592 pp., 4000 color illustrations and maps

National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America, 7th edition, is an ultimate and indispensable bird field guide—comprehensive, authoritative, portable, sturdy, and easier than ever to use.

With more than 2.75 million copies in print, this perennial bestseller is the most frequently updated of all North American bird field guides. Filled with hand-painted illustrations from top nature artists (including the ever-popular hummingbird), this latest edition is poised to become an instant must-have for every serious birder in the United States and Canada.

The 7th edition includes 37 new species for a total of 1,023 species; 16 new pages allow for 250 fresh illustrations; 80 new maps; and 350 map revisions. With taxonomy revised to reflect the radical new American Ornithological Society taxonomy established in 2016, the addition of standardized banding codes, and text completely vetted by birding experts, this new edition will top of the list of birding field guides for years to come.

“If you want to become a better birder, get this guide and use it often. The text is thorough and accurate, the plates are a gratifying combination of painterly and precise, and the layout is a tour de force.”  —Ted Floyd, editor of Birding magazine

Among the the new edition’s key elements and practical improvements:

  • Every North American species—more than 960, including a new section on accidental birds—classified according to the 2016 official American Ornithologists’ Union checklist.
  • 4,000 full-color illustrations by the foremost bird artists at work today and newly updated range maps that draw on the latest data.
  • New durable cover for added protection against adverse weather, plus informative quick-reference flaps that double as place-markers.
  • New reader-friendly features like thumb-tabs that make locating key sections faster and easier, and a quick-find index to direct users straight to the information they need.


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