North American Warbler Fold-out Guide with vocalizations


This is an easy to use format for helping you to identify warblers out in the field. Great pocket size, and ground breaking QR codes with vocalizations and 3D models for smart phone users.


Warbler migration in North America in a much-anticipated moment in spring for birdwatchers. North American Warbler Fold-out Guide: Folding Pocket Guide is a handy, pocket-sized foldout reference to the 45 most commonly seen North American warblers.

Photos include side-on, underside, and 45-degree views. Drawings of undertail patterns provide at-a-glance comparisons between species.

Icons depict generalized color patterns for each bird and where the species is usually found—on the ground, low in trees or vegetation, midstory, or toward the top of trees.

What’s really handy, for smart phone users, are the QR codes in this guide for each species. The QR codes will take you to a page that depicts two handy things: their all-important vocalizations – a great tool to learn bird song, and ground-breaking the 3D models of birds. This allows for looking at under-tails, chests, backs, heads, etc.  Absolutely brilliant!

  • Succinct text describes key identification features for each species
  • A QR code for each species takes you to a range of common vocalizations and 3D models
  • Copyright: 2016
  • Size: 4 x 8 in.
  • 123 color photos
  • 120 color illustrations

Additional information

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Dimensions 3.8 × .2 × 8 in