There’s a Bug on my Book!


There’s a Bug on my Book!, another imaginative book by our friend and CT author/illustrator John Himmelman.


Author: John Himmelman
Illustrator: John Himmelman
ISBN: 9781584695882
Publisher: Dawn Publications
Year of Publication: 2017
32 pages

Our good friend naturalist John Himmelman is quite the author and illustrator, with a lively imagination.

An interactive experience for readers to move the bugs around their book while learning important characteristics about these creatures. Learning becomes fun as children form a deep appreciation for the world around us!

Do you know any 3 or 4 year olds who love bugs?

Beetles fly, frogs hop, and slugs slide over the pages of this book, made to be read by a child while lying on the grass. Children interact with the book, with a tip, tap, and turn of the book, moving the critters along. The critters even interact with each other in surprising ways.

John Himmelman brings together his expertise as both a naturalist and an artist to encourage children to explore nature in their own backyard.

  • Suggested reading level: Ages 3-9
  • Curriculum Components: Insects, Observation Skills, Animal Movement

Publisher’s Review: “Several small animals commonly considered bugs, as well as a snake and a frog, supposedly land on this book and then leave—for a variety of reasons—each using its own special method of locomotion. Crisp outlines and vivid colors depict the animals in meticulous detail, from the snake’s scales and the worm’s rings to the markings on the backs of spider and frog. Each page has a pleasant, solid-colored background, against which each animal and its shadow are clearly displayed. Simple sentences are directed at readers, with the pretense that real animals are landing on the book and must be gently removed. ”

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