Vortex Binocular Tripod Adapter


This adapter attaches to your binoculars and fits a standard tripod head. Any questions, please call us.


The Vortex Binocular Tripod Adapter enables you to watch wildlife for long hours.
A tripod adapter takes the weight of binoculars off your arms and onto the steady support of a tripod. Using a rock-steady tripod mount will allow you to spot small details you might otherwise miss. The adapter makes scanning the horizon, mountains, and the ability to follow a raptor in the sky easier.

*Almost every binocular* on the market has a place where the tripod adapter will attach to the binocular body. Please check yours.

There will be a little cap covering a screw hole on the hinge of the binocular closest to the outside lenses. Pop that cap off, and there’s the 1/4 x 20″ where the adapter will screw into your binoculars.

The 4.25″ tall adapter then pops into a standard tripod head. Your existing tripod head may have a removable “plate” or “adapter” with a screw head that will screw into the bottom of the adapter.

Please call us with any questions. We’re happy to answer!

  • 1/4 inch threading at the top attaches to any tripod-adaptable binoculars.
  • 1/4 inch x 20 standard threading on the base fits directly onto most tripod and car window mounts.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Fits all Vortex binoculars, and most other brands

Additional information

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 1.375 × 2 × 4.25 in