Birds of Tropical America


Birds of Tropical America subtitled A Watcher’s Introduction to Behavior, Breeding, and Diversity is a great introduction to the biology and natural history of new world tropical birds both for those who are new to the region, as well as seasoned tropical birders.


Author: Steven Hilty
Illustrator: Mimi Hoppe Wolf
ISBN: 978-0-292706736
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Year of Publication: 2005
312 pp.

Birds of Tropical America is organized into 20 chapters that tackle common questions that one might have about birds in these regions. A very valuable background read. Subjects such as flocking behavior, hummingbird foraging strategies, diversity, intertropical migration, seasonality, song, seed dispersal, forgaging tactics of fruit-eating birds, and much much more.

Originally released in 1994, it went out of print in 1997, but was recently picked up by University of Texas Press and contains updated references and a new epilogue.

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