Ecuador Travel Reference Map


This is the 6th edition of the Ecuador Travel Reference Map, and is an essential tool for navigating the highways and biways of one of our favorite countries.


Scale: 1: 700,000
ISBN: 978-1553412007
Publisher: International Travel Maps
6th Edition
Year of Publication: 2008

The Ecuador Travel Reference Map by ITMB is an all-in-one travel resource, and perfect for today’s travelers. This Ecuador map is fully indexed, doubled-sided and printed on paper.

We include this in the category “Travel Reading List, Galapagos”, because traveling to the islands often commences from and includes a visit to the Ecuador mainland. This map does not include the Galápagos Islands. That map may be purchased separately.

This Ecuador Travel Map includes useful information such as:

  • Inset map of Quito
  • Major transportation routes
  • Archaeological, Historical and Recreational sites & ruins
  • National Parks, Wildlife Parks & Reserves
  • International & Provincial borders
  • All roads, highways, trails and road distances
  • Elevation info & Hydrography
  • Extensive labeling of physical features such as mountain ranges, valleys and peaks
  • Tourist Information
  • Points of Interest
  • Detailed Scale of 1: 700,000

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