Jabebo Red Fox Earrings


These playful looking canids are a delight to see here in CT.


We are fortunate to have Red Fox here in CT, and have occasionally seen them hunting in our home yard in spring. What a thrill!

The detailed artwork and mismatched earrings that are a hallmark of Jabebo earrings spark curiosity and interesting conversations. On the reverse side of the product you can see evidence of the cereal box used in the construction. They are perfect for environmental educators, scientists, and nature enthusiasts.

From Jabebo artisans: “Our inspiration for these earrings comes from visiting nature centers, wildlife refuges, parks, gardens, museums and all kinds of other interesting locations. When there is a gift shop it always adds to the experience, especially because the discoveries there can be taken home. They are full of unique and educational items and we knew buying something was helping a good cause in some way. It was a big day for us the first time we took our earrings to a local nature center and they gave us an order for more. That was almost twenty years ago.

The process evolved while we invented and discovered equipment that would help us produce more efficiently. The use of cereal box paperboard was one of the first innovations and seemed an obvious choice since we were creating the earrings with paper.”

  • Surgical steel ear wires


Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .125 × 2 in