Swivel Hook


This simple Swivel Hook effectively foils raccoons, and keeps them from being able to take a feeder down!


Swivel Hook, we love you!

We use this Swivel Hook because it effectively keeps raccoons from stealing a feeder off of our wall hanger that’s on a tree outside the shop.

The .668 eye of the Swivel Hook will clear the end of our our wall hangers, such as (Angled Wall Hanger) as well the platinum cap on our deck arms, such as the Erva Clamp-on Single Swing Arm. (NOTE: Most of our large metal bird feeder hangers are in-store pickup only due to their size – they’re either too heavy or too big to effectively ship.)

The simple, sturdy spring-loaded closure makes it impossible for raccoon fingers to take a feeder down. They also cannot remove the hook from your hanger. Win-win!

  • 3-3/4″ long
  • .688 diameter eye
  • Brass finish
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight .16 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .3 × 3.75 in