3-in-1 Heated Bird Bath


The 3-in-1 Heated Bird Bath is 14″ in diameter, holds one quart of water, is easy to maintain and your birds will love it!


The 3-in-1 Heated Bird Bath is a sturdy, thermostatically controlled bird bath that will work year ’round.

This unique 3-in-1 heated bird bath allows for three different mounting and display options. You can mount it to a 4×4 deck or fence post, clamp it to the top rail of a deck, or simply place it on the ground with legs that are enclosed.

It features a built-in 75 watt heater that is thermostatically controlled to work automatically to keep water from freezing during the winter, and costs just pennies a day to operate.
The unit has been tested in sub zero temperatures and performs great.

  • The 3-in-1 heated bath can be used year round as the cord tucks neatly away under the unit during spring and summer
  • It has a shallow design that birds like
  • Cord tucks away for warm weather use, hidden from sight
  • Powder coated finish will remain rust free for years
  • Tested to 20-degree f (28-degree c)
  • UL approved
  • The 14″ diameter green colored dish is made of plastic
  • Weight 3.6 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 14″ diameter by 3″ height
  • One year warranty

The manufacturer recommends using as short an extension cord as possible, rated for outdoor use and 16 gauge minimum. 14 or 12 gauge are good, also (thick extension cords are best for conducting electricity to the unit).


Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 5 in