Benro TAD28C Adventure 8x Carbon Fiber Tripod


Benro TAD28C Adventure 8x Carbon Fiber Tripod, carbon fiber at a fraction of the price of most tripods in this class. Easy to pack and stow. Great quality, too!


Material: Carbon Fiber
Maximum Load: 26.5lbs
Max Height (24° Leg Angle) w/Column Extended: 61.4"
Max Height (24° Leg Angle) w/Column Retracted: 53.54"
Min Height (24° Leg Angle) w/Column Retracted: 12.2"
Max Height: 61.4"
Folded Length: 20.7"
Number of Leg Sections: 4
Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock
Center Column: Carbon Fiber
Head Mount Thread Size: 3/8" 16
Weight: 3.15lbs

This classically designed tripod, the Benro TAD28C Adventure 8x Carbon Fiber Tripod, offers advanced features and controls. Lightweight and sturdy for exploring every style of photography or nature viewing, it also is a breeze to carry on any adventure. Looking for an extremely lightweight, sturdy tripod at a great price? This fits the bill.

You may add any tripod head you wish to these legs. **A 3/8″-16 thread on top of the tripod allows you to attach any compatible tripod head of your choice. This tripod mates perfectly with our Audubon Shop 6750 tripod head.

The Adventure tripod combines 8X carbon fiber legs with lightweight magnesium castings and quick flip leg locks for ease of carrying, set up and use.

The TAD28C Adventure Carbon Fiber Tripod from Benro supports up to 26.5 lb, weighs 3.2 lb, extends up to 61.4″, and folds down to 20.7″. Its 4-section legs use flip lock levers for adjusting the height of each leg.

A foam grip on one of the legs enables you to securely hold the tripod, protects your hand during cold weather, and protects your shoulder if you like to carry a camera or telescope on the tripod while hiking.

Leg Diameter for each leg section:

  • 1. 28.6mm
  • 2. 25.2 mm
  • 3. 21.8mm
  • 4. 18.4mm


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