The Birder® Tripod Kit 2 with Audubon Shop 6750 Head


The Birder® Tripod Kit 2 with Audubon Shop 6750 Head features a sturdy and stable two-section leg assembly, and has won the praises of birders worldwide for two decades. This ingeniously simple design is made exclusively for The Audubon Shop. The 6750 head is suitable for your 65mm and smaller telescopes.

For larger telescopes (80-95mm), choose the The Birder® Tripod Kit 1 with Audubon Shop 3510 Head

SAVE! If you are purchasing a telescope with a Birder® Tripod, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the tripod.
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Material: Aluminum Alloy
Maximum Load: 21 lbs
Folded Length: 26.25″
Number of Leg Sections: 2
Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock (Helical)
Center Column: Smooth-rapid, 23"
Head Mount Thread Size: 3/8″
Weight: 5.40 lbs (with 6750 head)

All Audubon Shop Birder® Tripods with heads are backed by our FOUR YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

The Birder® Tripod

An ingeniously simple, stable, and elegant photo/scope support system!

Tripods are often overlooked in the scope purchasing experience, but they are a very important piece of the puzzle. A shaky tripod with even the best telescope drastically reduces use-ability and resolution. The Birder® Tripod is manufactured exclusively for The Audubon Shop. Extensive and intensive field testing by professional birding guides and users from around the globe have consistently earned raves and high praise!

What sets this tripod apart?

TWO LEG SECTIONS   The Birder® is the only tripod currently available with just two leg sections!

  • Each leg has thick soft foam leg wraps on the upper leg section for comfortable transport

What’s so good about having just two leg sections?

  • FAR GREATER STABILITY Two leg sections = one “joint” / Fewer joints = Less weakness and flex = Less Vibration
  • LIGHTENING QUICK SET-UP with only one set of three leg locks to manage
  • LIGHTWEIGHT (4.2LB without a head) thanks to the absence of weighty extra hardware


Additional information

Weight 5.35 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 36 in