Birding for Babies: Backyard Birds


Birding for Babies: Backyard Birds is a fun board book that inspires learning about the backyard birds in your yard, with a focus on numbers!


Author: Chloe Goodhart
Illustrator: Gareth Lucas
ISBN: 978-0-593-38698-9
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Year of Publication: 2022
20 pages with illustrations

Birding for Babies: Backyard Birds is a really fun board book with bold colors made especially for pre-schoolers and early readers. Inspire fledgling birdwatching and nature observation with your children, grandchildren or a favorite youngster! Most of our customers were inspired to watch birds and appreciate them by an older relative or friend. Be that inspiration!

Introducing a new board book, filled with fun facts, that invites young readers into the exciting world of bird-watching.

From two red-bellied woodpeckers to eight northern mockingbirds, kids will explore some of the most popular backyard birds nature has to offer while learning their numbers, too! The whole family can bring these books outdoors and bird together.

Author Chloe Goodhart is a publishing manager, self-proclaimed cat lady, and bird lover with a passion for sharing the hobby with others.

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