Birds of Trinidad and Tobago


Birds of Trinidad and Tobago features color illustrations and descriptions of every bird species found on both Trinidad and Tobago. Excellent illustrations. One of our favorite trips!


Author: Martyn Kenefick, Robin Restall, and Floyd Hayes
Illustrator: Robin Restall
ISBN: 978-1472941527
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Year of Publication: 2019
272 pp., 115 color plates

Birds of Trinidad and Tobago is a compact, portable field guide is designed to provide birders and ornithologists with all the up-to-date information they need to identify birds in the field.

Trinidad and Tobago, tropical islands on the continental shelf of northeastern South America, enjoy a rich diversity of bird species, including visitors from the nearby mainland and others traveling the migratory flyway from North America.

This comprehensive and portable field guide covers every species found on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago for visiting birders. The concise text includes descriptions of every species, highlighting plumage variation and distinctions from similar species.

  • This new edition has been revised, with many images being repainted.
  • Updated text
  • Written specifically to assist in the field identification of every species that occurs on Trinidad and Tobago.
  • This new edition supersedes all previous field guides to these popular islands.
  • 272 pp., 115 color plates
  • Paperback
  • A Helm Field Guide

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