Bluebird Single Cup Feeder


Our Bluebird Single Cup Feeder is affordable and it works! Fill it with live mealworms during nesting season. Live mealworms can help the young survive especially during cold snaps.


Our Bluebird Single Cup Feeder could not be easier to maintain! It’s got a black powder coated steel hanger for long lasting use and a removable blue polycarbonate feeding cup. We feed mealworms to our Eastern Bluebirds every spring in this feeder.

Convenient, lightweight, mealworms cannot crawl up the sides to escape.

Hang this cup feeder near your Bluebird Nesting Box, if you have one. (If you have Bluebirds in your yard, you should have a nesting box.)

This is a sure-fire way to help the adults feed the young. Sometimes during unseasonably cold late springs, which depends on your latitude, nests fail because insects are not hatching during cold weather. Makes sense, right?

Fun fact: Bluebird parents do not feed their young water, nor seeds, while in the nest. The nestlings cannot drink water or eat seeds. The only way the young get hydrated and nourished is through insects and worms…

  • 3 oz. mealworm capacity
  • You can use it for fruit during other times of the year, why not? Grapes, blueberries?
  • Easy to hang, fill and clean

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 7.5 in