Endemic Birds of Cuba Comprehensive Field Guide


Endemic Birds of Cuba Comprehensive Field Guide, is a well put together field guide that is a must for birders traveling to Cuba.


Author: Nils Navarro
Illustrator: Nils Navarro
ISBN: 978-0-9909419-1-0
Publisher: Edicion Nuevos Mundos, The Friendship Association
Year of Publication: 2015
168 pages

Endemic Birds of Cuba Comprehensive Field Guide is an essential field guide published in 2015, in time for lifted travel restrictions.

Cuban avifauna includes more than 370 species, with a high level of endemism, both local and regional. Considering the importance of endemics for the conservation of biodiversity, and thanks to the information gathered during the last ten years of field work in Cuba, author, illustrator and Cuban native Nils Navarro decided to produce a field guide focused on Cuban endemics.

Field biologists and birdwatchers alike demand updated and accurate information, which led Mr. Navarro to design a practical and novel structure for the book that allows the owner to update the information by writing their field notes in blank spaces included with the species descriptions, or simply by coloring the adjacent icons.

The 168 page full-color guide is divided into five chapters:

  • General information about Cuba
  • Species account
  • Guide to habitats with photographs of the birds in their habitats
  • Levels of threat
  • Maps, datasheets and other novelties
  • 6″ x 8″ size easily fits into a pocket

The front and back covers of the book provide quick identification of endemic birds, and also function as an illustrated checklist. The author and illustrator’s original watercolor illustrations cover the 26 endemic species of Cuba as well as another 22 endemics of the West Indies that inhabit the archipelago.

This new field guide is indispensable for lucky birders planning a trip to Cuba.

We’d also recommend bringing along the Birds of the West Indies (Princeton Field Guides), as a very useful companion guide. Both books are easy enough to fit together into a jacket or vest pocket.

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