Jabebo Blue Jay Earrings


These Jabebo Bluejay Earrings will be a favorite for your backyard bird lovers! Bluejays belong in the same family as Crows, which may explain their loud calls and intelligent behavior!


Our Jabebo Blue Jay Earrings accurately depict the active poses that these sometimes raucous birds make. The beautiful and brilliant Bluejay is another familiar wildlife friend here in our CT yard.

In the fall Bluejays are quite active in the treetops. Did you know that Bluejays cache (collect and hide) seeds and thereby help to plant forests? Did you know that their raucous calls often warn other birds when there’s a hawk nearby? Just two tidbits of many for this common backyard bird.

Made from recycled cereal boxes, these whimsical earrings celebrate the joy of life and nature and are made with an eye to both. Each earring is made to differ slightly from its mate while maintaining a unified theme. Every time you wear them, spotting the differences will be a source of amusement for those around you.

Cereal boxes are generally not recycled, but these earrings offer a way to do so and make something beautiful. Two layers of cereal cardboard are fused together as a base for the intricately detailed images, which are then covered with several layers of a water resistant finish. The end result is an earring that is super light-weight yet durable and able to take some exposure to water. On the back of each, you can still see the colorful patterns of the cereal boxes.

Jabebo Earrings began in 1995 after developing a technique of reproducing small miniature images that can be displayed from earring wires. It quickly became a primary creative outlet as they won praise among scientist and teacher friends. The inspiration for these earrings has come from visiting nature centers, wildlife refuges, parks, gardens, museums and all kinds of other interesting locations.

  • Surgical steel ear wires

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .1 × 2 in