Bird Walks

This article was written in 2021, but look for our seasonal bird walks every year!

Our Bird Walks are a yearly, seasonal event and occur from April through mid June in the Spring, from mid September through mid November in the Fall and we have 2 Eagle Watches in winter, in February. Check out our calendar! (If there’s nothing there, we’re between seasons).



It’s Spring! Eastern Phoebes are back in CT singing their telltale song, Killdeer can be seen especially down along the shore, Osprey are coming in, Bald Eagles are nesting, Great Horned Owls should be well into caring for young and….it’s time to get OUTSIDE!

This spring we’re offering two weekly bird walks – Thursday and Saturday mornings. Sharp spotter Scott will be leading our Thursday walks at Hammonasset, and Jerry will head up the Saturday walks at Hammo.

Our full calendar can be seen under “Bird Walks and Talks” on this site.

Hammonasset Beach State Park here in Madison is widely regarded as one of the premier birding spots in CT, and springtime migration is a lot of fun. Approximately 240 species of birds occur there annually, as the park boasts diverse habitats such as marsh, open water, woodland, grassland and shoreline.

Tropical migrants in their bright breeding finery will be seen as they return north to nesting grounds. We’ll be searching with eyes and ears for shorebirds, ducks, birds of prey, and vibrant songbirds. This is a good chance to learn bird song.

Our weekend Spring Bird Walks run Saturdays mid- April 17 through mid-June.

Mid-week morning walks are held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Always a surprise and always entertaining, birding on the shore of CT is one of the highlights of spring. Get outdoors and enjoy a Saturday morning in the fresh air!


  • Meet Jerry at 7:50am in the parking lot at the shop.
  • Dress for the weather, keep extra layers in your car.
  • Charge is $6 payable on arrival.
  • Carpool with family members or friends.
  • Optics (binoculars) are available to rent for a mere $4.00, or bring your own.
  • If you have a telescope, bring it, we’ll also share ours for better viewing!

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