How We Select Bird Feeders at The Audubon Shop

When you visit us to buy a bird feeder we want you to know that a lot of thought has gone into how we select bird feeders at The Audubon Shop. Whether you’re brand new to bird feeding or a seasoned bird watcher, we care about your success in attracting birds to your yard.

The main job of a bird feeder is to offer a place for birds to gather and feed so that we can enjoy looking at them! Birds will reward you with many visits once they have established that you are offering something that they will eat. All of our bird feeders come with our guarantee that they will attract birds.

We want you to have the best possible experience with your hobby. To that end, all of the feeders that we select to offer for sale have been field tested to make sure that the feeders do their intended job. Our selected manufacturers are tops at what they do, and we have carefully chosen among the best in the field so that you will get maximum enjoyment from this fun hobby.

Here’s how we select the feeders that we offer at The Audubon Shop:

  • Birds must be visible to the viewers!
  • Feeder may be easily hung or post-mounted
  • Feeder must be sturdy and weather well
  • The features of each feeder must be easily understood
  • Feeders must be safe for birds to use
  • Feeder must be easy to fill
  • Feeder must be easy to clean and maintain
  • Manufacturers must, within reason, stand behind their products

At The Audubon Shop, we will always go above and beyond to help you select the right bird feeders for your yard, no matter where you live, what kind of birds you want to attract, or what time of year you want to offer seed. We want you to have success and to have a rewarding experience inviting feathered friends to your yard!

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