Feather Friendly Window Collision Tape Single Roll


Feather Friendly Window Collision Tape Single Roll really works and will help make your windows visible to birds flying in your yard. They are very subtle when installed on windows, and do not obstruct your view.


We’re thrilled to be able to offer Feather Friendly Window Collision Tape Single Roll, either as a single roll or a three-pack for more windows, and both for residential use. New Product Alert here at ye olde Audubon Shop! We need to help stop bird-window collisions, and fast.

Collisions with residential glass surfaces account for a significant number of bird deaths annually – especially during migration seasons.  In order for birds to ‘see the glass’ and not collide,  subtle visible markers must be applied to exterior glass surfaces in problem areas. Feather Friendly® ‘Do-It-Yourself’ marker deterrent allows you to apply the same solution at home that has proven to be successful in thousands of square feet of commercial building installations.

We now see billions of fewer birds than we did only half a century ago. Urban development poses risks to birds, with approximately 1 billion birds dying in North America from window collisions each year alone. Migrating birds unfamiliar with their surroundings are unable to see exterior window glass in their search for habitat.

Other birds are attracted to the reflective windows, mistaking them as an extension of the sky and trees. This inability to see the glass causes them to collide with the windows at full speed, which is most often substantial enough to be fatal.

This is an easy to use product that is suitable for all building types, from homes and apartments to condos, or cottages. Our markers provide the best combination of collision avoidance, longevity, appearance and visibility to birds, while still maintaining your home’s outside views and natural light. Feather Friendly® is a simple solution with a meaningful impact that protects our winged friends and supports bird conservation efforts.

DIY rolls are cost-effective for treating small areas such as 1 or 2 windows or a patio door, and allow you to lay one row at a time. Feather Friendly® Light Grey markers are recommended for most reflective or mirrored areas. In these circumstances, light grey is much more visible on the outside surface of the glass, which makes them more effective at preventing collisions from the first surface side.

Feather Friendly Window Collision Tape Single Roll can be a lifesaver for migrating birds, as well as birds in your neighborhood year ’round.

What’s Included in this Single Roll Kit?

  • 1 DIY roll in light gray color
  • 2 paper measuring tapes
  • Application squeegee
  • Installation instructions
  • One roll is 1⁄4 inch x 100 ft. (covering approx. 16 sq ft.)

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .50 × 4 in