Habitats of the World

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Habitats of the World is first field guide to all of the world’s major land habitats—richly illustrated and packed with essential information to help you get the most out of your outdoor adventures.


Author: Iain Campbell, Ken Behrens, Charley Hesse, and Phil Chaon
ISBN: 9780691197562
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Year of Publication: 2021
560 pages, 650 color photos, 150 maps, 200 diagrams

A couple of years ago we got wind of the work going on behind the scenes for this fantastic new guide, Habitats of the World, A Field Guide for Birders, Naturalists and Ecologists.  Ken Behrens and Charley Hesse, two of the authors who also happen to be excellent international bird guides we’ve had the pleasure of working with, were guiding our group in Tanzania in 2018 and were talking about it.

Accurately identifying and understanding habitats in detail is essential to any birder, naturalist, outdoor enthusiast, or ecologist who wants to get the most out of their experiences in the field. Habitats of the World is the first field guide to the world’s major land habitats  — 189 in all.

Using the format of a natural history field guide, this compact, accessible, and comprehensive book features concise identification descriptions and is richly illustrated—including more than 650 color photographs of habitats and their wildlife, 150 distribution maps, 200 diagrams, and 150 silhouettes depicting each habitat alongside a human figure, providing an immediate grasp of its look and scale.

Each major habitat has an illustrated “climate box” that allows easy comparisons between habitats. Thirty other illustrated boxes present clear explanations of complex phenomena affecting habitats—from plate tectonics and mountain formation to fire regimes and climate change.

Requiring no scientific background, Habitats of the World offers quick and reliable information for anyone who wants a deeper understanding and appreciation of the habitats around them, whether in their own backyard or while traveling anywhere in the world.

  • Covers 189 of the world’s major land habitats
  • Provides all the information you need to quickly and accurately identify and understand habitats anywhere in the world
  • Features concise text, more than 650 color photographs of habitats and their wildlife, an up-to-date distribution map for each habitat, and hundreds of helpful diagrams and illustrations
  • Flexi-bound (lightweight yet sturdy cover)
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