ROR Residual Oil Remover Lens Cleaner

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ROR Residual Oil Remover is the best lens cleaner on the market today, and is safe and proven for multi-coated lenses including binoculars, telescopes and cameras, as well as cell phones, HDTVs and computer screens.


Rely on ROR Residual Oil Remover for pristine clarity. This is the only lens cleaner that we use personally and sell in the shop, and for good reason. It is safe and proven for multi-coated lenses including binoculars, telescopes and cameras and will clean HDTVs, cell phones and computer screens. And, because ROR removes microscopic oil residues, dust has nothing to adhere to and surfaces stay cleaner longer!

Unlike other lens cleaners, ROR is specifically formulated to emulsify and remove microscopic oil residues for a measurable difference in brightness and clarity. Most lens cleaners skate over the surface leaving behind the embedded residue that impairs clarity.

For decades the pros have regarded ROR as the best optical cleaning formula. ROR is used by professional photographers, laboratories & hospitals, high-end optical manufacturers & eye glass boutiques.  It may also be used to clean top-of-the-line flat screen TVs and computer monitors. ROR has been used and tested on everything from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced contacts and has proven itself time and again to be the finest and safest lens cleaner on the market today.

We advise spraying your microfiber lens cloth with ROR, then cleaning your lens with it. The spray bottle emits a very fine spray, so the product lasts for years. Easy to pack for your tropical adventures.

2 oz. spray bottle.

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