Swarovski AX Visio 10×32 Smart Binoculars

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The Swarovski AX Visio 10×32 Smart Binoculars are revolutionary. The Audubon Shop offers Free Shipping on all optics, always. Integrated camera, easily connects to your smart phone, GPS connection for location ID, identifies birds, mammals, dragonflies and butterflies.


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Magnification: 10x
Item Weight: 34 oz. (2.13lbs)
Objective Lens Diameter: 32mm
Field of View: 336 ft/1000 yds
Angle of View: 6.4 °
Minimum Focus Distance: 9.8 ft
Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.26 mm
Eye Relief: 17.8 mm
Diopter Correction: > 5 dpt
Light Transmission: 88%
Operating Temperature: +14 to +122 °F
Storage Temperature: -22 to +158 °F

Swarovski AX Visio 10×32 Smart Binoculars are nothing short of revolutionary. We’ve been waiting for the improvements that only Swarovski could bring to this technology.

Having been dubbed “The World’s First Smart Binocular” by Swarovski, we were intrigued when invited to TX in December to test them out.

This is the FIRST binocular that has an integrated camera system, is paired with Cornell’s Merlin Bird ID software to help you identify over 9,000 of the world’s birds, and is easily paired with your smart phone.

The Swarovski AX Visio 10×32 Smart Binoculars are an AI-supported binocular and combines outstanding Swarovision quality with digital intelligence. The identification function helps you to identify birds and other animal species at the touch of a button.

Easily create photos or videos and share them with your community. The experience is complete with the accompanying Swarovski Optic Outdoor App: customize your AX Visio to suit your individual needs.

Not only that, ID is provided while you are looking at the bird…there is no wasting time or taking your eyes off a quickly moving Spring warbler, for example!

Swarovski AX Visio 10×32 Smart Binoculars have an internal GPS connection that automatically factors your location into the ID process. This feature is especially useful for birders traveling to exotic lands without much knowledge of the local birds.

Not only is Merlin integrated into the AX Visio 10×32, but so is the Swarovski Optik Wildlife ID app that supports Mammal ID as well as Butterfly and Dragonfly ID. This Swarovski app admittedly does not nearly cover the number of world species and locations as the bird ID does, but wow – the potential is there!

Between the two main barrels of the binocular lies an independent camera channel with a 13 MP sensor to capture high resolution images and 4K video. An electronic display appears in the right optical tube of the binocular, and the center focus also controls the camera’s focus.

As in standard binoculars, diopter wheels on both eyepieces ensure the electronic display and the image are in perfect focus for anybody’s eyes. The electronic display changes according to which of the functions you choose on the selection wheel.

There’s a Share Discoveries mode that lets you mark your location in the view. This mode will guide you back to this point if you deviate from it.

You can hand the AX Visio to a companion who can then easily relocate the point of interest you chose! This can be a huge advantage when trying to describe the location of a distant or well-camouflaged subject to others in a group. This also greatly expedites isolating a single bird among a large flock.

The Swarovision optical system includes Swarovski’s the same top-tier glass, lens coatings, and field flattener lenses that Swarovski is known for.  provide uncompromising image sharpness, brightness, color rendition, and a distortion-free view that maximizes viewing comfort over extended viewing sessions.

Welcome to the future of observation!

Integrated into the Swarovski AX Visio 10×32:

  • Orientation  The handy compass function with integrated tilt angle helps you to orient yourself.
  • Photos and videos  Take photos or videos of your discoveries with the AX VISIO. You can then manage and share your files in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App.
  • SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App  With the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App, you can easily connect your AX Visio to your smartphone. Manage and share your images and videos, get more information about your discoveries, and manage settings and updates for your AX Visio.
  • SWAROVISION quality Thanks to the proven Swarovision technology, the AX Visio also impresses as analog binoculars with unsurpassed image sharpness and maximum color fidelity.

Digital Capabilities / Info:

  • 13MP (4208 x 3120px) Camera resolution (effective)
  • 640×480, HD 1280×720, Full HD 1920×1080 30/60 Hz Video resolution
  • Li-Ion 3000 mAh Battery
  • 15 h / 2 h Battery operating time during normal / maximum operation
  • SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor app, Merlin Bird ID, SWAROVSKI OPTIK Wildlife ID Add-on program
  • iOS: 16.0 Android: 10.0 Operating system for app
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Interface

What’s Included:

  • RB rechargeable battery
  • RBC battery charger
  • FSB functional sidebag
  • Eyepiece cover
  • Objective lens cover
  • Soap & Brush
  • LCSP lift carrying strap pro
  • USB charging cable

A note from Swarovski:  As part of #generationnature, we at SWAROVSKI OPTIK are enthusiastic about the biodiversity of our planet. Discover the beauty of nature with the Swarovski AX Video Smart Binoculars; share your experiences and become part of #generationnature.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 5.4 × 3.8 × 6.1 in