Swarovski NL Pure Forehead Rest

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Swarovski NL Pure FRP Forehead Rest, made exclusively for the NL 8 & 10 x model binoculars. Provides increased stability while out in the field.


The Swarovski NL Pure Forehead Rest guarantees hours of observation stability and comfort, which is ideal for maximum magnification. Suitable for all NL Pure binoculars.

Designed exclusively for the NL Pure line of binoculars.  The Swarovski NL Pure Forehead Rest provides a third point of contact on your face to stabilize your hand hold, enabling you to see subjects with greater detail. It’s designed to reduce vibration or shake, while you’re hand-holding the binocular.

Much like a tripod stabilizes the magnification of a telescope for optimal viewing, adding a third point of contact ensures that the binocular is held steady and securely at your eyes, and greatly improves your viewing experience. (The other two points of contact are the twist out eye cups, which are ideally pressed lightly into the the bones at the top of your eye cavity below your eye brow.)

Easy to install or remove on your binocular’s frame, no tools required.

While balanced on your forehead, there is 2-axis adjustability; in and out and up and down tilt to custom fit it to your needs. Works well even if you’re wearing a hat.

  • No tools required: push in to install and pull out to remove
  • Greatly reduces shake by providing a third point of contact on your face
  • Particularly helpful with 10x NL Pure binoculars, but can be used on 8x as well
  • For now (2021) these must be ordered with your purchase (at the same time).  Swarovski is not selling these separately.

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Weight .33 lbs
Dimensions 8.4 × 6.1 × 4.5 in