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You’ve got your binoculars or your scope, now – how to care for them?

Your optics will give you years of good service with a little thoughtful care.  First, make sure you wipe the exterior body down once in a while.  Oils from your hands, or that yummy sandwich you had in the car during a half day birding, will all wreak havoc on your rubber clad binocular body.  A soft cloth, a little dish washing detergent and a good wipe down is all you need.  Air dry.

As for the glass lenses, our ROR Residual Oil Remover is made specifically for fine lenses.  Guaranteed to brighten the lenses and removes oils, smudges or grime from being outdoors.  One caveat – take care to remove grit or sand that may be on the ocular lenses before you use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe the lenses.

If your binocular eye cups twist out, make sure that you do this once in a while to get dirt that may have found it’s way dzeiss terra ed compact binocularsown inside the threads of the eye cups.  A soft brush will remove fine sand, and we (carefully) use a short shot of air from a can of air spray to remove hard to see specs.

Our handy Spudz micro-fiber cloth attaches right to your binocular strap and will always be with you out in the field when you need it.  In a pinch, fresh water can be used to get any oil off the lenses, too.

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