Introducing Kids to Nature

Introducing Kids to Nature is so very easy and rewarding. Giving names to all of the things we see right outside in our own yard and neighborhood is a fun starting point. Young people are naturally curious and will catch your enthusiasm for the natural world very quickly.

We all were inspired to notice nature by someone in our lives, whether it was a parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle, or a fun scout leader or teacher. What’s the name of that tree? Why do hummingbirds come to flowers? What’s the name of that red bird on the ground?

We’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to bring many kids over the years on our bird walks (with their parents), and we can always tell when “something clicks”.  Usually it begins with noticing that all birds do not look alike, nor do they behave the same.

Ever watch a Chickadee on a bird feeder? Their habit is to grab a seed (black oil sunflower is their favorite), fly off and crack it open or cache it. Cardinals? They sit and crack seeds open where they are. Downy Woodpeckers? They often sit on a suet feeder and use their long tongues to grab the high energy food.

These simple observations sometimes lead to bigger questions and exploration. Where do hummingbirds go in winter? Why are there no flowers outside in cold weather? The list goes on and on. You may inspire further exploration by visiting a local park, botanical garden or beach. What makes those locations different than your back yard?

Here are a couple of great bird feeders that are inexpensive and will bring the birds right up to your window. Add a simple identification guide, and you’ve got a great science experiment going on right outside your window.

What kind of birds will you see and get to know?

Introducing Kids to Nature is easy, inexpensive and fun.

Aspects Window Cafe, a great bird feeder for the whole family!


Clear View Mini Window Bird Feeder, available at The Audubon Shop, he best shop for bird watchers, Madison CT

The Clear View Mini Window Bird Feeder is easy to refill, and allows everyone to easily see the small birds that visit.


Aspects Jewelbox Hummingbird Feeder, available at The Audubon Shop, the best shop for bird watchers, Madison CT

Adding a cute Aspects Jewelbox Hummingbird Feeder to a window will bring hummingbirds up close.

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