Costa Rica Travel Reference Map


This 8th edition of the Costa Rica Travel Reference Map is the best travel map for Costa Rica.


Scale: 1: 300,000
ISBN: 9781553412-021
Publisher: International Travel Maps
8th Edition
Year of Publication: 2016

The Costa Rica Travel Reference Map by ITMB is an all-in-one travel resource, and perfect for today’s eco-travelers. This Costa Rica map is fully indexed and printed on waterproof paper.

This Costa Rica Travel Map includes useful information such as:

  • Inset Maps of Isla del Coco, central San Jose City and a San Jose Environs map
  • Bilingual Legend
  • Major transportation routes
  • Archaeological and Recreational sites
  • National Parks, Wildlife Parks & Reserves
  • International & Provincial borders
  • All roads, highways, trails and road distances
  • Elevation info
  • Extensive labeling of physical features such as mountain ranges, valleys and peaks, and volcanoes
  • Protected Areas
  • Points of Interest
  • Detailed Scale of 1: 330,000

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