Mexico Travel Reference Map

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The newest edition of the Mexico Travel Reference Map is the most comprehensive map you’ll find.


Scale: 1: 2,000,000
ISBN: 978-1553413288
Publisher: International Travel Maps
7th Edition
Year of Publication: 2008

The 7th edition of the Mexico Travel Reference Map is a detailed travel map, scale 1:2,000,000, with comprehensive place name index. Distinguishes roads, ranging from expressways (free/toll) to rural roads. Legend includes railways, tracks, trails, international airports, domestic airports, bridges, border crossing points, points of interest, archaeological sites, beaches, active volcanos, filling stations, national parks, deserts, and places of touristic interest.

Printed on durable, water-resistant plastic paper, suitable for travelling in areas with extreme weather events.

This Mexico Travel Map includes useful information such as:

  • Tourist Info
  • Points of interest
  • Elevation
  • Major transportation routes
  • National Parks
  • Extensive labeling of physical features such as mountain ranges, valleys and peaks
  • International & Provincial borders
  • Overview of the country’s history
  • Detailed Scale of 1:2,000,000

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