Gazebo Painted Copper Top Bird House


Our Gazebo Painted Copper Top Bird House features 2 nesting cavities and holes, front and back and is a beautiful addition to your yard. Made right here in New England!

*Due to size, weight and shipping logistics, this product is available for in our Madison CT store, only.


Our Gazebo Painted Copper Top Bird House is a perfect nesting box for two birds.

Hand crafted in Massachusetts, it features 2 nesting cavities accessed by one hole each, is constructed of western red cedar painted with exterior latex house paint and will attract birds to your yard for years to come. The copper roof protects the underlying cedar and adds a polished look to the attractive gazebo design.

Two of the copper panels slide off (simply remove two large copper finishing nails) to reveal the nesting cavities within, for easy cleaning. We recommend cleaning as soon as the nestlings fledge, so that you may enjoy another brood. Use a mild water/bleach solution to soak the interior of the box, allow to dry and slide the roof panels back on.

This box will also attract other cavity nesters, such as Chickadees and Tree Swallows.

Your Gazebo Nesting Box should be placed on a metal pole or post 4 – 6′ off the ground. Placing any nesting box on a fence or a tree invites predation.
We carry the perfect 6′ metal pole that comes with a flange for mounting the box and is easy to tap into the ground.
We recommend mounting a baffle below the box to deter predators.

Sorry, due to size, weight and shipping logistics, this product is available for in-store pickup, only.

  • Two 1.5″ diameter entrance holes, front and back
  • Dimensions: 17″ diameter x 20″ tall
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Constructed with wood screws
  • 2 copper roof panels slide off for easy cleaning of the interior nesting cavities
  • Ventilation
  • Easy to mount on a pole or post
  • Cedar construction
  • Copper roof
  • Exterior latex house paint
  • Hand made in New England

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Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 24 in