Universal Pole Kit


Our Universal Pole Kit is 72″ in length and accommodates many bird houses and feeders, allowing you to easily place your nesting box out in your garden or yard. Makes your feeders and houses an easy to reach height, when you insert it into the ground.


Our Universal Pole Kit is a perfect and inexpensive 6 ft pole that allows placement of your nesting box and or bird feeder anywhere in your yard. Once you place the bottom section into the ground (about 10-12″), your nesting box or feeder will be easy to reach.

The Universal Pole Kit will accommodate most mountable nest boxes as well as wooden hopper feeders and also tube feeders.

Includes a flange and screws for flat mounts and a pole adapter for 3/4 inch threaded tube bird feeders.
Durable 1″ OD powder coated steel.

Simple to install. Grab your hammer and a block of wood. You may also want a level to make sure your pole is straight.

Take one section of the pole and put it on the ground. Put the block of wood on the top of the pole and hammer the block of wood to pound the pole section into the ground. Place extra pole sections on top of the bottom one. Voilá!

If you find that the flange is a bit loose on the top of the pole and your nesting box or feeder turns around too easily, one or two layers of clear packing tape or even a layer of duct tape wound around the top section of pole will easily solve that.

Instructions for mounting a Squirrel Baffle or Raccoon Baffle onto this pole:

  1. Secure four sections into the ground, first. Use a block of wood to hammer the bottom section (so you don’t damage the steel) 10-11″ into the ground.
  2. Using a level is usually more accurate than eyeballing (trust us ;-).
  3. With a screwdriver, mount the bracket that holds the baffle onto the fifth section of the pole. This bracket can be mounted 6″ below the top of the pole section.
  4. Slide the top section onto the bottom sections, then slip the baffle over this top pole section and add your nesting box or feeder.
  5. If your nesting box or feeder can easily spin, wind a bit of clear packing tape or even duct tape once or twice around the top section where the flange sits, until it’s secure.
  6. Your baffle will then be high enough to deter squirrels.


  • 1″ powder coated steel.
  • Five 16″ length sections, total length of assembled pole is 72″.
  • Weight 2.7 lbs.
  • Great for mounting nesting boxes, as well as some bird feeders.
  • The bottom section goes into the ground a little less than 1 foot, and places your nesting box or feeder at +- 5′ above the ground.
  • Will accommodate some tubular bird feeders that have threaded openings in the base.
  • Will accommodate our pole mounted squirrel baffles and raccoon baffles.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4.5 × 22.13 in