Stainless Steel Pedestal Dripper


The Stainless Steel Pedestal Dripper steps easily into the ground and supplies a fresh source of water to your bird bath. We have been using this at the shop in our backyard for many years. We love to watch the birds sit on the stainless dripper and drink from the dropping water. A really nice, adjustable product.


Our Stainless Steel Pedestal Dripper steps easily into the ground next to your existing bird bath and supplies a fresh source of water. Made of stainless steel for long lasting outdoor use, in ground 37″ H. Includes standard dripper components.

The subtle “drip, drip” of a dripper is a visual and auditory magnet to any bird. When they see the ripples across the surface of your birdbath, they are drawn to it and stay a while!

Each Stainless Steel Pedestal Dripper comes with an exclusive custom dripper valve that regulates the flow of water from your outdoor faucet or a recirculating pump.

Just one drip per second, one pint of water per hour, turns your birdbath into an attractive gathering place for your feathered friends. In areas where water conservation is critical, consider a Water Timer to turn the dripper on and off automatically. Provides a fresh supply of water to any birdbath, also making it easier to keep clean.

  • Comes with 50′ of tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve. (The Y valve allows you to attach your garden hose at the same time.)
  • Bird bath sold separately.
  • Includes a step-in ground stake.
  • Hooks directly to your outdoor faucet-no electricity needed.
  • Includes all parts necessary for installation.
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Weight: 5 lbs

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in