The Backyard Birdsong Guide Eastern and Central


The Backyard Birdsong Guide Eastern and Central is a valuable tool for learning. This is fun for the whole family.


Author: Donald Kroodsma
ISBN: 9781943645015
Publisher: The Cornell Lab Publishing Group
Year of Publication: 2016

Backyard Birdsong Guide Eastern and Central was introduced in 2008 by renowned, award-winning Ornithologist and Author, Donald Kroodsma. Selling more than 300,000 units, and is still the only electronic print/audio field guide in the market.


The Backyard Birdsong Guide Eastern and Central is an interactive handbook of birds and their songs for beginning bird-watchers. With a touch-button electronic module housing common vocalizations of 75 species from across Eastern and Central North America, this volume offers a truly sensory way to identify and get to know local birds.

Crisply detailed and scientifically accurate illustrations accompany each entry, and up-to-date range maps provide clear geographical reference points. Complete with an introduction to bird songs that will inspire readers to look out their kitchen windows and venture out in the field, this unique book provides an exciting entryway into the subtle art of birding.

Learning to recognize the voices of backyard birds is as easy as pushing a button, thanks to two new books that can literally carry a tune. The Backyard Birdsong guide showcases common birds of eastern North America using built-in players loaded with birdsong recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library.

Both Eastern and Western guides include sounds for 75 species accompanied by scientifically accurate illustrations and range maps. Written by Donald Kroodsma, a visiting fellow at the Lab who has nursed a smoldering passion for birdsong for more than four decades.

Identifying birdsong is a skill like any other, Kroodsma says—a skill that requires practice. “I described this in the introduction to the Backyard Birdsong book,” he says. “When I hear birds singing I see their songs dancing across the sky in these frequency-time graphs called sonograms—like musical scores for bird song.”

If you’re west of the Mississippi River, there is also a similar book for western birds, here: The Backyard Birdsong Guide Western.

An Audubon Shop favorite, and we’re thrilled that its back in print. What a fun tool for teaching young and old alike that all birds do not sound alike!

  • Comes ready to use, with 3 AAA batteries (replaceable)
  • Really fun for kids, but a great tool for adults!
  • There are Calls and Songs alike for each bird, when appropriate.


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