The Best Hummingbird Feeders

We often get asked, “Which are the best hummingbird feeders?”

Our first answer is, “The one that will be easiest for you to maintain.”

We follow that up with, “Where are you going to hang it?”

Wherever you live in the US you’ll have opportunities to see and attract hummingbirds, one of our favorite spring migrants here in CT. A bird that weighs well under 1 oz., yet has the energy to migrate hundreds of miles never ceases to fascinate us. With their all-too-short visits here in the north, their aerial abilities, beautiful feather colors, and fierce and feisty protection of food sources and it’s no wonder that people like to attract and watch them.

We are big fans of easy to clean hummingbird feeders. Why? In the heat of summer it is necessary to clean and refill feeders every 3 days. The sugar water nectar you prepare will go sour in the sun, and that is dangerous for the birds. Make it easy on yourself and get one that will be a snap to clean.

Access our Hummingbird Feeder page here for hooks to hang your feeder, including our handy suction cup Window Glass Hanger.

Our stock is always changing, but one thing is true – we pick out hummingbird feeders that really work and are easy to clean!


1. Aspects® Hummingbird Bird Feeders

Aspects is a US (RI) based company that has been in business since the 70’s and continuously designs and manufactures innovative bird feeders. Their products come with a lifetime warranty. Read details about each feeder’s features through links, below. (Aspects feeders have been counterfeited, so please be careful to buy from a reputable dealer.) The 5 feeders we carry have subtle differences: capacity is one main consideration.

a. Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder suction cups onto a window so you can see the birds up close.

b. HummZinger Ultra is a feeder with 12 oz. capacity, 4 ports, built-in ant moat, and a circular perch.

c. HummZinger HighView holds 12 oz. of nectar and feathers a circular perch that is higher than the 4 feeding ports, giving one a better view of the birds’ entire bodies.

d. HummZinger HighView Excel is similar to d. above, but holds 16 oz of nectar.


2. Perky Pet® Hummingbird Feeders

Perky Pet also has some favorite, recognizable “upside down” designs that they have improved upon over the years. Improvements include a wide mouth for easy cleaning and a depression in the lid that serves as an ant moat. Prices are still good. Both of these feeders are old classics that have been upgraded with wider mouths for easy cleaning.

a. Pinch-waist Hummingbird Feeder in Clear

Hummingbird Feeders, available at The Audubon Shop, the best store for birders, Madison, CT

HummZinger HighView 12 oz Feeder

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