Swarovski Protective Stay-on-Case for STM / STS 80mm Telescope


The Swarovski Protective Stay on Case for STM or STS 80mm Telescope is a genuine Swarovski product, and will protect your scope from bumps in the trunk of the car.


The Swarovski Protective Stay-on-Case for STM or STS 80mm Telescope is the perfect protection for your telescope, made by Swarovski. This cover fits both the new STS HD scopes, as well as the older STM models.

If you want the genuine product made by Swarovski, this is it.

You are still able to use the eyepiece to zoom, and use the focus wheel while this case is on.

Innovative and perfectly tailored accessories not only enhance the capabilities and functionality of your Swarovski Optic spotting scope, they also help to protect it. User-oriented concepts and design both play an important role.

Optimally protecting your STM / STS 80 spotting scope at all times: the close-fitting stay-on case protects the scope against impact without slipping or rubbing, even in demanding conditions. Protect your optics while they’re in the trunk of your vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in