Bolivia Travel Reference Map


Bolivia Travel Reference Map will guide with ease you through Bolivia.


ISBN: 9781553411374
Publisher: ITMB

Our Bolivia Travel Reference Map is an excellent companion for your birding tour in Bolivia.

South America retains its attraction as an exotic travel destination, and land-bound Bolivia is one of its great adventures. This double-sided map shows the country to good advantage. The western half is mountainous and is where the bulk of the local people live. Side 1 includes inset maps of Potosi and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, two colonial cities of interest.

The other side of the sheet shows the more northerly grasslands pampas leading to Brazil and Peru and has an inset map of La Paz, the county’s capital. The country is most easily reached by land from Peru by Hwy 3 along the south shore of Lake Titicaca, or from Argentina by Hwy 9, going north from Salta.

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